Our Planning Process

At Farsight we believe that everyone should have a dedicated and structured financial plan, with a view to attaining financial wellbeing and meeting life’s evolving needs and goals.

Our planning process has been professionally developed to ensure personal care and attention to your unique circumstances. Entirely transparent, it aims to demystify sometimes complex financial areas, ensuring our clients are confident and comfortable with the financial strategy they put in place.

Initial Meeting
Our process typically begins with a consultation in which we assess your current financial standing and undertake a comprehensive fact-find to establish a starting point.

Financial Plan
Next we construct a detailed initial report, presenting an overview of your current position along with carefully devised recommendations. If we feel that you could benefit from our input as independent financial advisers, we may make specific recommendations which can be implemented through agreements with a reputable range of local and offshore service providers.

Should you wish, we can execute the recommended strategy and deal with the institutions on your behalf.

Ongoing Reviews
Any plan needs to be flexible and evolve over time. Through an ongoing personal relationship, your strategy will be monitored to ensure that it is continuing to achieve your goals and remain relevant to your circumstances. We will provide regular feedback and, where beneficial, guidance and advice.

In our opinion the best approach to financial planning is a comprehensive one. However, we are always willing to offer advice in specific areas if preferred.
Farsight Wealth Management CC is an Authorised Financial Services Provider